Organizing Institutions & Committees

The Grupo Argentino del Color (GAC) is responsible for the organization of the AIC 2019 Midterm Meeting, at the Universidad de Belgrano (UB).

The GAC is a non-profit civil association that was created in Buenos Aires in 1980. Its aims are to encourage studies and research on color, and disseminate the results. Besides, the GAC promotes exchanges with other color associations, holds a specialized documentation center, and integrates various fields of color study in different areas: science, technology, art, design, industry, etc. The GAC is a regular member of the International Color Association, and is the organization that represents Argentina in the AIC.

Founded in 1964, the Universidad de Belgrano (UB), is a center of higher education located in Buenos Aires. The UB distributes its faculties in the headquarters of Zabala and Villanueva streets, and in Lacroze avenue. Studies comprise Architecture & Urbanism, Agricultural Sciences, Health, Economics, Exact & Natural Sciences, Law & Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering & Information Technology, Languages & Foreign Studies. PhD, master, and specializations are offered in most of these fields, as well as in Business and Psychology. The university operates a radio station and features various sports activities, some with teams competing at inter-university level and in sports leagues.

María Paula Giglio (UN Mar del Plata)
Anahí López (LEMIT & UTN)
Laura Quaintenne (Buenos Aires)
Gabriela Nirino (UBA)
María Luisa Musso (UBA)
Cristina Vadji (UBA)
María Inés Girelli (UN Córdoba)
María M. Mariconde (UN Córdoba)
Darío Suarez (UN Córdoba)
José Luis Caivano (UBA & Conicet)
Hugo Salinas (Conicet)
Germán Díaz Colodrero (U. Belgrano)
Mabel A. López (U. Belgrano)
Diana Moreno (U. Belgrano)
Rosario Villalón Abad (U. Belgrano)


Logo: Lucía Maillo (U. Belgrano)

José L. Caivano (Argentina), chair
Kine Angelo (Norway)
Harald Arnkil (Finland)
Malvina Arrarte Grau (Peru)
Ulrich Bachmann (Switzerland)
Berit Bergström (Sweden)
Charles A. Booker (Norway)
Patrick Callet (France)
Vien Cheung (UK)
Elisa Cordero (Chile)
Paula Csillag (Brazil)
Maria João Durão (Portugal)
Brian Funt (Canada)
María Paula Giglio (Argentina)
Paul Green-Armytage (Australia)
Yulia A. Griber (Russia)
Robert Hirschler (Hungary)
Takahiko Horiuchi (Japan)
A. Kwiatkowska-Lubańska (Poland)
Jin-Sook Lee (Korea)
Anahí López (Argentina)
Ming Ronnier Luo (UK)
Maggie Maggio (USA)
Manuel Melgosa (Spain)
Galen Minah (USA)
María Luisa Musso (Argentina)
Dimitris Mylonas (UK)
Gabriela Nirino (Argentina)
Katsunori Okajima (Japan)
Galina Paramei (UK)
Javier Romero (Spain)
Maurizio Rossi (Italy)
Tetsuya Sato (Japan)
Verena M. Schindler (Switzerland)
Juan Serra (Spain)

J. Tarajko-Kowalska (Poland)
Jinghong Wang (China)
Ralf Weber (Germany)