Excursion to Tigre on Friday 18

Full day excursion to Tigre (delta of the Parana river) with lunch included:
If weather permits (there is a certain probability of rain, according to the extended weather forecast), the tour will start around 10:00 at Belgrano C railway station.
Program includes: Arrival in Tigre railway station, visit to some places of interest, boarding a boat to navigate rivers and canals of the Paraná delta, lunch on the boat, arrival back into Tigre boat station, visit to a museum. Taking the train back to Buenos Aires, with a stop in San Isidro, visit to the plaza and church, taking an ice cream or a coffee in San Isidro. Taking the train again and arrival back at Belgrano C station in Buenos Aires city, at around 18:30.

Please, fill in the list at this link, in order to reserve a place in the Tigre tour:


Cost: 30 US$ (it can be paid in cash, to some of the organizers that will be in the AIC conference handling the list of people registered for the Tigre tour).
Note: If weather does not allow to make the tour, payment will be given back in full amount.

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